9 ways to unwind after a long day

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on April 22, 2017

Those loooong days. Everyone knows them, everyone has them: everyone can relate. If you’re finally entering the silent hours of the evening, you just want to relax for the day. But how do you really take it easy? Below are my favorite ways to spend the last hours of my day before I go to sleep.

Read a book

Not just a book. Read something you actually enjoy reading. I love to read books that make me laugh, especially after a stressful day. However, there was a time where I just couldn’t get enough of thrillers that made me have several adrenalin-spikes in just one sitting. Ever heard of Tess Gerritsen? Her books had me at the edge of my seat, all the time. The Rizzoli & Isles series is amazing. You can order the first book in this series here

Talk with someone!

Whether it’s with your partner or with a friend; whether it’s on the couch or over the phone: talking to someone is a must to unwind and de-stress for the day. Chitchat about what’s on your mind or just enjoy hearing them talk to you.

Indulge in a (luxurious) night time routine

Take a bath or a shower and pull out your stash of masks. I love the Freeman face masks. If I want to be fancy and all, I start with a detoxifying mask to then later put on a sleeping mask for hydration. Bonus: this one doesn’t smear all over your pillow, and it smells de-li-cious. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and wearing some comfy pajamas will also set you in the right mode to go to sleep, peacefully.

Go for a walk

Taking a walk clears your mind and reduces stress in the body. Set aside 20-30 minutes at the end of the day and free the endorphins in your body by walking through a (preferably)  natural environment.

Limit smartphone use

I notice that when I limit the use of my phone I feel more relaxed. When I spend my time on the couch browsing my phone as a mean of “unwinding after the day”, I always don’t feel as good as I expected to feel. If I put my phone away, I feel that I have some quality time on my hands. Despite me knowing that, I’m still kinda hooked on this device. Hmm, time to change things up?

Play a game (without your phone)

You need a plus one for this. Pull out an old-school board or card game, and get some fun time for yourself and your partner/friend/the one you want to play a game with. You really don’t need the fanciest game to have a good time. I quite enjoy the basic ones. My favorites are Phase 10 and Skip Bo (yes, I’m an old soul). If you want something more challenging,  Carcassonne would be a good bet. Warning: don’t play this when you’re tired, you’ll just give your partner a reason to win.

Write it out

Don’t think about spelling or punctuation, just go with it. Writing about something that was stressful, releases the negative emotions you had and you will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders afterward. And getting some perspective is never a bad idea.

Tidy up

“What?? But you said that I could relax!”
Let me tell you, my friend, that tidying up is relaxing. Just pick up some things from the floor, give this floor a sweep and feel your thoughts settling down and leave your worried mind. After that, make a nice cup of tea and enjoy the view of a neat space. Basic math: cup of tea + clean room = empty head.

Go to bed early

Yes, it’s that simple. Ignore the but-I-can-do-other-things-thoughts, and get some extra sleep. This will fuel you for the next day and not to mention, you’ll feel good about it when you’ve done it. You’re welcome.

There’s nothing better than feeling relaxed after a long day. Therefore, I would love to hear what you do to make this happen. Leave your tips in the comments section below!

Be happy,


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