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How to come up with meals for dinner – 5 tips!

Posted in Homemaking
on August 24, 2017

We’ve all had the following thought: “What shall I make for dinner?” Most of the time when we think this we just throw something together (not saying that’s wrong by the way), or we order takeaway. When I have this thought once in a while, I just shrug my shoulders and move on. But when I find myself taking “the easy way out” a bit too often it’s a sign for me to roll up my sleeves and get my game back on. The reason behind this is that I want my family to be eating healthy consciously again, so I return back to the approach I use to help them with that.

Plan your meals ahead and put the ingredients on your grocery list.

I’m sure that you’ve heard this one a lot. But it’s quite effective, you know. Make it a habit to sit down for a few minutes and write down what you’d like to eat the coming week. Don’t forget to write the ingredients of these recipes down also. I’ve had times that I thought “I don’t need to write the ingredients down, cuz I know what goes into those meals”, to find that I’ve forgotten something after we’ve done the grocery shopping.

If you just don’t know what to cook and you need inspiration

Got no inspiration, or ready to mix things up a bit? Pinterest, my friend, Pinterest. If you have no clue on what to make, just browse through the recipes and get inspired. If you do have an idea, but you’re not exactly sure what to make? Continue reading

How I get my laundry under control + free printable!

Posted in Homemaking
on August 22, 2017

Here’s a post about homemaking. I’ve had doubts about writing on this topic, but here I am now! I love to have my home in order. The reason behind this is that if my home is neat and organized, I can make better and healthier choices for myself and my family. Is this considered living healthily? It sure is! So let’s talk about laundry today.

Yes, laundry

This part of homemaking can make or break your day. There, I said it. If I have laundry lying around or my laundry baskets are overflowing with clothes (either dirty or clean), well, that’s not helping me be a cheerful mommy and wife. On the contrary, having my laundry sorted out and under control makes me way more happy and positive. This sounds kinda strange, but every housewife will agree with me on this.

So, if you like to read my tips on how to keep your laundry basket as empty as possible, read on!

Have a laundry sorter in your laundry room/space

This way you can have one for your whites, your blacks, and your colors. That’s how I sort my laundry though. If you have other categories, you can adapt this one to your needs. The reason why I love this is that I don’t always have the time to dive in my laundry basket and do the sorting just before I throw a load in the washer. I have a double laundry hamper, but check this page out. They even have triple laundry hampers! If it’s time to throw mine away, I will definitely buy one of those. That’s so nifty!

Put a laundry basket in every room

Or let me say, in every room you collect the most laundry, like the bed- and bathrooms. This prevents from clothes lying around everywhere because nobody’s bothered to take it allll the way to your laundry space. Just collect the dirty clothes in the evening (or morning) and put them in the main spot for your laundry. Continue reading