How to always know what to make for dinner and never feel uninspired

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“What shall I make for dinner tonight?”

Is one of the least favorite questions a mom asks herself. And with a good reason! If you don’t have any inspiration, or even time, to come up with a nutritious and delicious meal (talk about pressure), this question can be quite stressful.

Below are some tips that have helped me put healthy dinners on the table, consistently. I’m not saying that ordering takeaway is something bad, sometimes it can be a breeze to not have to think about cooking. Moms can relate.

Plan your dinners ahead

I’m sure that you’ve heard of meal planning a lot. I’ve written an article before on why you should start meal planning right away. As far as dinner inspiration goes, meal planning will result in a list of dinners that you can make throughout the week. And if you did some grocery shopping and you got what you need for those dinners, you’re all set up and ready to cook!

Got no inspiration, or are you ready to mix things up a bit? I’ve got one word for you: Pinterest. If you have no clue on what to make, just browse through the recipes and get inspired.

Type some keywords in the search bar and see the results unfold before your eyes. My suggestions for keywords are: “healthy dinner“, “quick healthy dinner recipes“, “easy dinner recipes“, “Buddha bowls” and “dinner bowl recipes“. As you can see, there are A LOT of recipes you can choose from. I bet that I’ll refer back to this post later just for these links haha!

Ask around

Ask your friends and/or family what their favorite dinners are. I’ve found that every family has its own “taste”, and I love to be inspired by that. There are families who love to cook from a certain cuisine and others who just mix and match. I love this diversity and I’m always willing to try new things. You never know, maybe you’ll find your family a new favorite dinner that you can put on your meal plan more frequently!

Make dinner for two days…

…if that’s possible. This has made things a lot easier for me. As a mom of two little girls, I’m always on the hunt for some extra free time, ya know? I’d rather spend time with my girls than cooking in my kitchen, to be honest.

I usually make a large dinner that we eat in two days. So instead of finding six or seven recipes, I just have to come up with three. Talk about convenience! I even noticed that certain meals taste better the next day, so that’s a big bonus as well.

Keep a dinner log

This one is gold because I often forget what I’ve made for dinner in the past. A few weeks ago, my husband suggested that we start a WhatsApp group with only the two of us (my favorite kind of groups!), so we can post pictures of my dinners in there. This way I can always refer back to those pictures if I lack inspiration. I love it so far! I used to write down what I’ve made, but technology has served me better in this regard!

Stuff your pantry and freezer

That’s right. If you find a deal at your grocery store for any of your staples and it fits in your pantry or in your freezer, buy it in bulk. This way you will always get some inspiration if you need any. If you think about it, you can make almost everything with ingredients that you have in your pantry and/or freezer. You can freeze meats, a lot of veggies and fruits. With regards to your pantry: rice, beans, pasta, quinoa, bulgur are amazing staples to make a healthy dinner with.

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24 responses to “How to always know what to make for dinner and never feel uninspired”

  1. Syntich says:

    Yes I liked all your tips, I also try to plan meals in advance, helps to save money.

  2. Kirsty Dee says:

    Such good ideas, especially about writing down past meal ideas. I always forget and sometimes I know I’ve made a really nice meal and forgot what I’ve done.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Awesome! Will have to give these tips a try! Meal planning isn’t my favorite!

  4. C Gibson says:

    Really great tips & getting potatoes, beans, rice & pasta when its on sale is a must for us.

  5. Sydney says:

    Great post! I love turning to Pinterest! So many good recipes and healthy ones that I would’ve never thought of

  6. jhilmil says:

    Great tips, writing down dinners will for sure give me so many ideas what can be made and help me out with the week’s plan! Cool.

  7. ILOVE the tip to cook for two days! I am so doing this starting now! Thank you!

  8. Renee S says:

    I meal plan once a week. I LOVE making food then freezing half of it for another day when I dont have time to cook! Great tips

  9. Jasmine says:

    I like to plan ahead for the week, it really helps with shopping for me!

    • Envelle says:

      I agree with you Jasmine. I love to have my shopping list with me when I go grocery shopping so I won’t forget something. Thank you!

  10. Agree with Darlene! One kitchen session, two meals! It’s even better when the second meal is different. If I’m cooking sausages or chicken one night, I’ll often cook more than I need so that I can throw leftovers atop of bowl of pasta and add tomato sauce, or throw on some rice and add some beans and salsa. Easy peasy.

  11. Tijana says:

    Yes! Some excellent ideas. I’ve been in the habit of meal prepping for a few years now and it makes a huge difference. I especially like what you said about making dinner for two days. It doesn’t mean you have to eat that same thing, but whilst you’re already cooking, why not just make a bit extra that you can freeze and reheat later. Saves so much time!

  12. What awesome tips and I really like this I’m sure my mom would love these too

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